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Reading is a key priority at MEA. Our aim is to develop an environment rich in reading and language development to promote a lifelong understanding of the importance of reading for knowledge acquisition, academic achievement and well-being. We want each student to reach their potential by reading at, or above, their chronological age.

How we support our students to read well and read for pleasure throughout their journey at MEA

Core English Curriculum:

  • Students read a range of full texts in English. High-quality fiction and non-fiction reading is mapped across a five-year plan, rooted in developing cultural capital and ambitious vocabulary
  • In library lessons, a range of reading development activities take place: whole-class teacher led reading using carefully developed materials, including research-informed vocabulary instruction; paired reading using books chosen for pleasure; and an online reading support programme with one-to-one reading aloud with an adult to support fluency
  • Links between reading, home learning and extended reading are made with well-mapped materials and reading logs linked to our rewards programme
  • Across the key stages, visiting theatre performances of books and plays studied in English ensure all students access enriching experiences in their study of Literature

Year 7 Library and Vocabulary Booklet Word  PDF Year 8 Library and Vocabulary Booklet Word  PDF


Reading across the curriculum:

  • Disciplinary reading is embedded in all subject areas as a key strand of whole academy literacy policy and within our five-phase learning and teaching structure
  • We train and develop our teachers to ensure reading skills and comprehension strategies are embedded across the curriculum, helping students to read regularly within the school day and access complex academic material in every subject.


  How we read:     How we check and embed understanding:


  • We have dedicated weekly reading sessions in tutor time, using an MEA bespoke curriculum of (mostly) non-fiction texts that are created to complement the wider curriculum. Key vocabulary and information from these texts link to their wider curriculum, helping students embed learning as they encounter and use this knowledge in different contexts.

 Below are some Examples of Tutor Time Reading 

Year 7

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Autumn 2 History of Maths Reading

Year 8

PE Issues, Ideas and Careers  Reading

Year 9

Performing Arts Issues, Ideas and Careers Reading

Year 10 

Geography, Science and English Language

Year 11

Know More Remember More

Intervention and Enrichment

  • Data is used carefully to enable further diagnosis of individual reading needs where students read below their chronological reading age. A range of targeted reading interventions support students according to their specific reading needs. The programmes we use are: Pearson Active Learn; Read Write Inc. Fresh Start Phonics; IDL Literacy Intervention; Flash Academy (EAL, MFL and Literacy); Coram Beanstalk Reading Leaders; peer reading and 1:1 reading with an adult (using fluency rubrics)

Active Learn ( pearsonactivelearn.com)


Read Write Inc. Fresh Start | Reading intervention | OUP


  • Reading leaders in year 9 and 10 are trained by Coram Beanstalk to support younger readers to improve through reading aloud and ‘book-talk’

Reading Leaders training to support pupils in secondary schools with reading (beanstalkcharity.org.uk)


Reading for Pleasure

  • We create a culture of reading for pleasure through ensuring reading is present in all areas of academy life; students who are confident readers are more likely to read for pleasure given the opportunity!
  • Our library stock is regularly updated and informed by student voice.
  • Our highly knowledgeable librarian helps students find a book they love and shares reading ideas and reviews through library newsletters
  • Half-termly book swaps, where praise stamps can be exchanged for books, are popular across all year groups
  • Students in Year 7 and 8 choose from a great selection of Book Buzz (Book Trust) free books for students in the Autumn term followed by sharing reviews in tutor time and the library
  • Whole academy events such as World Book Day generate excitement and discussion about reading
  • A range of book clubs cater for a variety of interests such as the weekly English-led book club (involving our Beaumont Primary and Moor End secondary students) and the Carnegie shadowing and Excelsior (Manga and Grafix) book clubs linked to national awards.
  • Opportunities to discuss and share our favourite books are promoted in tutor time and prompted through display across the academy.


Bookbuzz school reading programme for Year 7 and Year 8 | BookTrust

 Library Newsletters


Community Links

  • Well-developed community links with Huddersfield Central Library have been forged to encourage students to be independent readers as they reach KS4 and beyond.
  • During the Summer Term, all of Year 9 visit the central library on a rota of small group inductions which involve: a group discussion; tour of facilities; introduction to the library app and time to choose and borrow a book with their new library cards.
  • Other events include author visits and a Year 10 focus group visit for The Reading Agency: Reading Well for Teens book selection.

E-Library | Kirklees Council

Reading Well for teens | Reading Agency


Parents and students: follow the links to explore why and how to support reading at home

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