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Literacy at MEA

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At Moor End Academy, we engage in research-based practice to positively impact upon our students and continually strive for excellence. As such, our literacy approach is informed by the EEF Secondary Literacy Guidance report Improving Literacy in Secondary Schools and is designed to support our curriculum drivers:

•Aspirational learners

Literacy at MEA provides tailored access to a range of high-quality reading, writing, speaking and listening opportunities for students to develop as independent, confident and successful learners who think critically and have high aspirations. A love of reading is developed through understanding how to ‘read to learn’ and through opportunities to read and write for pleasure. 

•Challenging Offer

Students are provided with the opportunity to engage with high quality reading material, developing a range of strategies to read and check comprehension to promote independence. High quality reading and engagement with rich and varied subject specific vocabulary across the curriculum models the expectations of  high quality writing.

•Passport to Success

We strongly believe that literacy skills- the ability to read, write, speak and listen effectively in a range of contexts – underpins students’ access to  a broad, balanced, rich and inclusive curriculum experience. The literacy approach at MEA equips students with these core transferable skills and knowledge, empowering them to achieve in future learning, employment and adult life.  

•Leaders of tomorrow

Confident articulation is promoted through regular oracy opportunities, engaging students in a range of themes and ideas of local, national and international relevance engage students with their place in the wider world.

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