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At South Pennine Academies, we want every student to have the best possible chance to achieve in school. Stronger partnerships with families, local businesses, community agencies and universities are essential as we focus on improving student outcomes.

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Moor End Academy

Positive Discipline Transforms MEA

Success is something that anybody would welcome in their lives. Success is hard earned, through resilience and the drive to always be the best that we can be. The joy and fulfilment that comes when you accomplish goals you have set for yourself is a reward worth having all by itself. Unfortunately, in life there are many challenges and barriers that can be difficult to overcome. In recent years, some students have been influenced to make the wrong decisions. For example truanting from some lessons, or showing a lack of respect to peers or staff who in particular work hard to inspire and educate young people.

With a new Principal, the academy’s exciting journey to world class has begun. To achieve this goal, we introduced a new approach to encouraging exceptional behaviour called Positive Discipline. The key intention of the PD policy is to actively promote high expectations with encouragement, and to uphold our three core values of ‘respect, ambition and responsibility’.

Thirteen weeks on, and low level disruption inside the classroom has been practically eradicated. This has seen an overwhelmingly positive impact on rates of student progress and learning as our students have begun to show a real thirst for learning, demonstrating the ambition and drive to be successful during their time at MEA, and beyond. Recently, a student voice survey in June revealed that 90% of students believed PD had improved behaviour and over 90% believed the academy encourages students to be the best, and have an ambitious attitude to life.

Assistant Principal Mr Hillary who has led on Positive Discipline at MEA proudly says “I’m overwhelmingly proud of our students. They have really raised the bar in terms of effort, conduct and mutual respect and have shown they can manage their behaviour through self-discipline; they are now thriving in an environment where teachers can do what they do best - that’s teach!”

Stuart Hillary - Assistant Principal

Be the BEST - become the LEADERS of tomorrow!


We are well behaved and considerate to all staff and students in our learning community.


We are hard working and have an ambitious attitude to succeed and achieve.


We take ownership and act with
integrity; we always do the right thing.