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The Youth and Unemployment

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‘Unemployment’ This word does seem very scary in a way. One of the most dreadful things is; not being employed. Now, youth unemployment is an urgent and a very complex situation challenging the society globally. It has been said that more than 600 million young people (worldwide) are currently not in education, employment or training.

It has been suggested that the government simply doesn’t care as 75% of the youth (18-24 year olds) voted ‘remain’ in the Brexit vote. Yet, Britain will still come out of Europe against the will of the youth. It was those who were over 60 who were the main group of people who voted ‘leave’. The youth were furious as they believed that their voices were a lot more important compared to the older generations. As they are the future doctors, engineers, nurses and so on.

Another question raised was that: “Should the U.K’s decisions be only made by the youth?”

Some of the London 2011 riots were linked towards the high level of youth unemployment.

Luckily, it seems like the government is definitely doing something as the youth unemployment rates are decreasing. As you can see from the following graph.

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