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Hello I’m Saim and I’m going to tell you the news today. The news that I am are going to tell you that there is a chance of a Supernova happening in 2022!

The supernova is an explosion from two stars which collide together. 

(Image source:  BBC - predicted image of what the explosion might look like)

A scientist predicted that the explosion will be 1000 times brighter than normal. It will cover up our night sky with colourful clouds that’ll explore our universe.  The two stars that will explode together are orbiting each other so that will give them a terminal death that can’t be stopped. There are so close right now that they are sharing the same atmosphere. The explosion between the two stars is called KIC 9832227.It is predicted that the explosion will be red. Scientist say that that Supernova will be 1800 light years away from Earth. This will be an amazing opportunity for young people to observe in the night sky. It will be seen through the naked eye.  People might say that it is a long way away but you should start getting ready now.

The supernova is an explosion from two stars which collide together.

This picture (above, left, source:  BBC) shows the summer constellations of Cygnus and KIC 9832227. The KIC9832227 is located in the arrows.

What is a Supernova?

The stars (that will be making the supernova) will be orbiting each other at a fast rate; they are slowly being pulled together by each other’s gravity making the circumference of the orbit smaller and smaller. Then a couple of years later they will be so close that there cores will collide creating an explosion which is known as a supernova.

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