Moor End Academy

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Reporting Absence

Student absence

Mobile: 07624 806879 (Text only)
Telephone: 01484 222230
Fax: 01484 222233
In cases of absence parents must inform the Academy using one of the methods above, on the first day of a student’s absence. Parents should still write a note in the planner to the form teacher explaining the student’s absence when they return to the Academy. If the absence is prolonged you may be required to produce a doctor’s note.

We will need to know when the student is expected to return to the Academy.

The Attendance Officer will follow up any unexplained absences, you may receive either a text, a voice message or a phone call.

Good attendance is crucial to progress and is directly related to success in exams.

Staff Absence

Mobile: 07823 320889
Telephone: 01484 222230 Ext 268 

On the first day of your absence you must inform the Cover Co-ordinator via the cover mobile on 07823 320889 by 7.30am (earlier if possible) or phone the Academy absence telephone number on 01484 222230 ext 268.

For every day you are ill (including days when you don't work for part time staff) you must contact the Cover Co-ordinator by 3.15pm to let us know how you are and if you will be returning the next day.