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Is our news Fake or real? The big question arises.

The creator of the web comes to speak out to the public.

Sir Tim-Berners Lee assures the public he will put back a level of control in the people’s hands.

(Image source:  Getty & BBC)


Facebook findings have confirmed that they have seen a 38% increase in false news articles. Since 2012, to December 2016, Facebook have now taken a stance to tackle fake news.

In an open letter to mark the web's 28th anniversary, Sir Tim has set out a five-year strategy amid concerns he has about how the web is being used.

Sir Tim said he wants to start to combat the misuse of personal data, which creates a "chilling effect on free speech".

He also called for tighter regulation of "unethical" political adverts.

The British computer scientist said he wants the people who have helped develop the web with blogs, tweets, photos, videos and web pages to help come up with practical solutions to make a web "that gives equal power and opportunity to all" and therefore address:

Users are often unable to tell outlets what data they would not like shared, Sir Tim said. Terms and conditions were "all or nothing".

The misuse of data is a global phenomenon, says Dr Bernie Hogan from the Oxford Internet Institute

Sir Tim said he wants to work with companies to put "a fair level of data control back in the hands of people".

He also expressed concerns that government surveillance is going too far and stopping the web from being used to explore topics such as sensitive health issues, sexuality or religion.

‘’Social media sites and search engines must be encouraged to continue efforts to combat the problem of fake news’’, Sir Tim said.

‘’However, central bodies deciding what is true or not should be avoided’’, he added.

Certain algorithms can favour sensationalist information designed to surprise or shock users rather than reflect the truth and can "spread like wildfire", Sir Tim said.

(Image source:  AP & BBC)


People are getting fooled by the Iraqi media and even Government Executives. They are being told when they will get a national Holiday.

Regarding the weather that Iraq has been getting, many employees are being told by news agencies that they do not need to go to work.

Furthermore, they have also said that they would also get paid through their employers. But they return to work with employers frustrated and confused.

Due to this, huge problems have been created in Iraq, freezing the employee productivity and economy, with some companies on a knife edge of leaving Iraq, getting even closer to the edge.

So, the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi has come out to speak to some of these people and their businesses. He has called for news agencies to not repeat this again, he has called for very heavy sanctions, to the point of studio closure.


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